How to open and create rar files

1. What is RAR?

RAR – Roshal Archiv is a file extension, commissioned by a developer Eugene Roshal who have created this popular type of archive file. RAR files provide a good degree of compression, can set a password to open the compressed data and allow large files split into smaller files of fixed size. This format has been introduced with the advent of programs like WinRAR, but now these files can be opened by many other programs, some of which are free and open source

2. How to open RAR files?

This issue occurs for all users then they dig deeper into development of their computer. On the internet, almost all the information you can download is either in the form of archive rar, zip, and more other extensions like 7z or iso. This is because it is possible to collect multiple files in a single compressed file and transfer it easily, this also saves disk space and bandwidth/ download time. After downloading/ transferring the file, users need to open the rar(or any other archive extension)  file or to speak a different language – decompress it.

The official and default program for this is Winrar. Just google it and download.

Then installing – select the language from the list. When you install the program, you cannot change the settings. For your convenience, to fit the menu, combined with WinRAR, Click Select All, because I want the ISO file and open by default. For more information about ISO file (image), you can read my article How to open a file on WinRAR ISO setting?

In the end, you get a menu with a single line called “Winrar” with a dropdown list of operations.


After installing this software, you can already open files with .rar extension. For those who want to learn how to archive (create RAR files), and use the advanced features of this remarkable program read further.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Winrar you can use 7zip, which is open source and lightweight.

Here is a video tutorial on how to open rar files with this extractor / opener:

3. How to create a rar archive (file);

To create a compressed file, you need to right click on file or folder context (you can select multiple items by using the Shift or Ctrl key) and select WinRAR> add to archive.

Use the default parameters and click OK. The time of compression depends on the amount of data that is archived and the CPU power of your computer. The .rar file is ready.

Let’s look at some of the attributes that you can select then compressing:

Compression method.

Parameter responsible for how good or bad the data will be compressed. When choosing a method to increase maximum file size created, but the file will not take up much space on your hard drive. Rar compression method needs to choosen if you want to create a rar extension.

File split.

This field allows you to split the archive, the share of a dimension separator for the size of the specified volume, you can use the already defined ones. In addition, the program remembers the contribution dividers in my case is 200 MB. In the next drop-down list select a format for convenience. In order to unpack the split archive you need to put all the parts into one folder, otherwise Winrar will output an error

Delete files after archiving

Creates a file and delete the original one

Create SFX-Archive

Creates an archive with an exe “installer”,  which can be extracted without the software. A very good choice if you are unsure if the person has the necessary software.

Create solid archive

It allows you to compress files stronger. The compression is more effective if there is a big number of files compressed and the quantity of files is massive.  With this option, there may be problems with adding, deleting, and modifying files in the archive.

Add a digital signature

An Author’s name, time of compilation and output name is added to the final file . This feature is available only for the registered version of WinRAR

Final words

That’s basically it, if you have any questions please ask.

If you are using WinRAR or more interesting features, 7-zip, or use another program please write in the comments.

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